Less Communication Can Be Better [...]

As a distributed algorithm theorist, in other words, when I encounter a typical knowledge economy office, with its hive mind buzz of constant unstructured conversation, I don’t see a super-connected, fast-moving and agile organization — I instead see a poorly designed distributed system. (Source)

Extractive democracy [...]

A law and order mentality is crucial for maintaining the policing side of the extractive apparatus, so we should expect that ideology to be frequently expressed.   (Source)

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Learning Pit [...]

> With learning as not only the goal, but also the final outcome, students are guided through a process that illustrates how learning is the ultimate reward. When grades are thrown into the mix the focus becomes a path of least resistance, negating the positive outcomes associated with students experiencing the learning pit.  (Source)

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Dubious Claims [...]

When confronted with a dubious claim:

  1. Check for previous fact-checking work
  2. Go upstream to the source
  3. Read laterally (Source)