Thinking Structurally [...]

Trusting Black women is not about every individual Black woman always being right. It is about you assuming that she could be right even if doing so means you may be wrong. (Source)

Attention Capital [...]

extracting a good return on investments in “attention capital” (to use a term from Nixon) requires that you balance two things:

providing your employees’ brains timely access to the right information; and providing these brains the right conditions under which to process this information effectively. (Source)

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Personal Online Sustainability [...]

I’m really lucky I start blogging 12 years ago, because I could not imagine the fresh hell of having all of these memories strewn across third party social media services without the overarching organizing archive of my work that is the bava—it’s a mess, but its my mess.  (Source)

Badging and Ranking [...]

Pitting students against one another for the status of having the best grades takes the strychnine of extrinsic motivation and adds to it the arsenic of competition. (Source)

Don’t Push Digital [...]

It is not the job of digital pedagogues—or digital aficionados, or digital humanists, or educational technologists, or instructional designers—to force people to go digital. When we make it our mission to convert non-digital folks to our digital purpose, we will not only very likely alienate these valuable colleagues, but we’ll also miss the mark of our true intention: to support learning and scholarship within institutions that, in our heart of hearts, we adore. (Source)