Month: December 2019

  • How To Change Someone’s Mind

    > This is how to change people’s minds:Be a partner, not an adversary: If you’re trying to win, you’re going to lose. The best approach is: Be nice and respectful. Listen. Understand. Instill doubt. (I refuse to change my mind about this.)Use Rapoport’s rules: They can seem awkward but they reduce conflict better than Valium.Facts are the…

  • Fair Algorithms

    > In any context where an automated decision-making system must allocate resources or punishments among multiple groups that have different outcomes, different definitions of fairness will inevitably turn out to be mutually exclusive. [source](

  • Jobs Aren’t That Volatile

    > Job transitioning has actually slowed in the past two decades — yes even for millennials. While the occupational structure of the economy has changed substantially in the last hundred years, the pace of new types of jobs has also slowed since the 1970s. Despite all the talk of the “gig economy,” about 90% of…