Month: April 2020

  • Interpretation and Intent in Communication

    > As we go up from perception to appropriation, the filmmaker’s control wanes and the viewer’s control increases. Spielberg structures Raiders of the Lost Ark the way he wants, but you can appropriate his movie as a piece of imperialist ideology and he can’t do a damn thing about it. In the middle, it’s a […]

  • Predicting Human Behavior

    > One of the weird things about humans is that we most want to be told what will happen next at the exact moment when the future is uncertain because the outcome depends upon decisions we have yet to make. Most of the time, the future is predictable partly because there isn’t a lot we […]

  • Math and Tragedy

    > Math has prepared me poorly for this pandemic—or at least a particular kind of math, the kind that sees mass death as an opportunity to work with graphs and derivatives.For students, it has never been more necessary to move flexibly and quickly between concrete and abstract representations—to acquire the power of the graph without […]