Month: August 2020

  • Task Boards

    > These tasks boards also make it difficult to escape exactly how much you’re asking someone to do. It’s easy to shoot off a dozen emailed requests to a colleague throughout a busy day without thinking much about it. But when you instead see each card piled on top of another in that person’s column […]

  • Considerate Language is Replaying a Debt

    > Remember that minorities are CONSTANTLY self-censoring in order not to offend the dominant majority with their anger and resentment and they are constantly speaking the language of the dominant in order to be HEARD at all! [source](

  • Individual shaming vs structural change

    > The role of suffering and confession. What draws me to Fieyu Sun’s work is his analysis of the role suffering and confession play in reinforcing social hierarchy that is linked to the individual destruction of opponents. The CCP example mirrors the current practices of online shaming and call-out culture. We see the same outrage, […]