Uncertainty Communication [...]

We are a research lab working at the intersection of information visualization and uncertainty communication. Our mission is to combat misinterpretations and overconfidence in data by developing visual representations and human-in-the-loop tools that express uncertainty and align with how people think. Topics we like include sampling-oriented uncertainty visualizations, eliciting and modeling beliefs about data, automated visualization reasoning and generation, and Bayesian statistics. (Source)

Social Media and Mental Health [...]

Our analysis couples data on student mental health around the years of Facebook's expansion with a generalized difference-in-differences empirical strategy. We find that the roll-out of Facebook at a college increased symptoms of poor mental health, especially depression, and led to increased utilization of mental healthcare services. We also find that, according to the students' reports, the decline in mental health translated into worse academic performance. Additional evidence on mechanisms suggests the results are due to Facebook fostering unfavorable social comparisons. (Source)

Entangled Pedagogy and People [...]

People tend to think that investing in good quality tech is what makes the hyflex type of thing work, whereas I feel with Virtually Connecting we realized that investing in people online and virtual who know how to use the tech well to provide human connection – those are the ones worth investing in, and they’re what make this kind of thing work. (Source)