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  • Barriers to Remix

    > What resonated to me from Mike’s piece above everything else was his recognition of a clash between usefulness and remixability. Resources that tend to be universally useful (PDF) tend to not be remixable. Resources that tend to remixable (let’s say open source code) tend to only be accessible by a privileged few who understand […]

  • The MakerBot Obituary

    > MakerBot is a dead company walking. Yes, the newest version of the Smart Extruder is more reliable, with most extruders printing successfully after 1200 hours. Thingiverse, a MakerBot property, is still the most popular object sharing repository on the Internet, but others including YouMagine are making inroads. What does the future hold for MakerBot? It […]

  • The Dangers of Real-Time Data

    > Talk to your students and you will see two threads, the ones whose parents were checking the portal obsessively, and those whose parents barely knew the portal existed.[2] Ask these different categories of student how they feel about school and I think you will see that those who were monitored are “good” students, show […]

  • Path:: Deep Work

    [[The Deep Discussion Strategy]] [[Schedule Meeting Margins]]

  • Extrinsic Rewards and Costly Sharing

    Extrinsic motivation is subject to the overjustification effect. People who receive a reward for good behavior often come to believe that they exhibited the behavior for the reward, rather than due to internal motivation. This understanding in turn undermines intrinsic motivations. This study examines the overjustification effect in the realm of prosocial sharing, and finds […]

  • Schedule Meeting Margins

    > The key is that you’re not extending the time of the meeting itself. That is, you still attend the meeting for the originally proposed time. The extra 50% on your calendar is a meeting margin protected for your own personal use. [source](

  • The Garden and the Stream

    Social media as we have experienced it is often about building an agenda, generally not about building understanding. The overwhelming stream affords surface understanding, whereas cultivating a personal (but public) knowledge space can help us take a more measured, deeper approach to understanding. —- Connecting dots and building understanding of an issue either takes a lot […]

  • The Deep Discussion Strategy

    If deep work is going to be a realistic possibility in the modern “knowledge worker” office, leadership has to stand behind the idea. —- > > I suggest in my book that employees interested in depth should discuss the topic with their boss. In more detail, during this respectful conversation you should try to accomplish the […]