How To Change Someone’s Mind [...]

This is how to change people’s minds:Be a partner, not an adversary: If you’re trying to win, you’re going to lose. The best approach is: Be nice and respectful. Listen. Understand. Instill doubt. (I refuse to change my mind about this.)Use Rapoport’s rules: They can seem awkward but they reduce conflict better than Valium.Facts are the enemy: Unless we’re talking about the savvy, attractive people who read this blog, yes, facts are the enemy.Use the “Unread Library Effect”: Let them talk. Ask questions. Let them expose their ignorance. Do not cheer when that happens.Use scales: Bring extreme statements down to earth with numbered comparisons. And unless they’re certain at a level 10, they’ll mention their own doubts which can aid your cause.Use disconfirmation: “Eric, under what conditions would disconfirmation not be effective?”Serious beliefs are about values and identity: Don’t attack what they believe, focus on the validity of their reasoning process and whether that identity is the only way to be a good person. (Source)

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