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  • Measurement is not understanding

    > The McNamara Fallacy isn’t just a problem for military strategists. It looms over any field of human activity in which people are tempted by the apparent ease of management by the numbers. In our time, digital technology is the greatest source of this temptation. With skills of misdirection worthy of a practiced magician, digital […]

  • Honeypot Sites & Proctoring

    > But some experts in the ethics of education worry techniques like honeypot websites simply go too far. “I can sum up this activity in one word,” said Sarah Eaton, an associate professor at the University of Calgary who studies academic integrity. “Entrapment.”  [source](

  • Five Easy Tips for Building Community Online

    > Here are five quick tips to help build community while you’re online with your students [source](

  • Why Wordle Works

    > Something crucial IMO is that you can’t get behind in Wordle. Just like you can’t binge on Wordle games, you can’t develop a backlog of Wordle games either. “I should really catch up on Wordle,” is something no one has said, which may make it feel easier to pick it back up. [source](

  • Email = Carbon

    > By simply stopping unnecessary niceties such as “thank you” emails we could collectively save a lot of carbon emissions. If every adult in the UK sent one less “thank you” email, it could save 16,433 tonnes of carbon a year – the equivalent to taking 3,334 diesel cars off the road, according to energy […]

  • Transparent wrongdoing

    > Consider two interviews. In one, a scientist makes a claim in a high production clearly official interview that “We don’t actually know how much the earth will heat up in the next ten years.” This is pretty mundane stuff: we know the earth is heating up, but models disagree on the amount we will […]

  • Modeling Live, Love, Learn & Leave a Legacy

    > Imagine it is your 60th or 70th birthday, and you have a party with all your family, friends and work colleagues and anyone whose life you have influenced present. Who is there? What would you like them to be saying about you? Imagine it is your funeral, and your family, friends, work colleagues and […]

  • LMS Surveillance

    > I wonder why institutions would willingly encourage near-unquestioning authoritative power for instructors over students’ actions in their LMSs that they would not allow in the classroom. Can we even imagine a physical classroom where these things occur? An instructor looks over the shoulders of students to make sure they spend the appropriate amount of […]

  • Engineering and online proctoring

    > We too recognize the importance of educating engineering students responsibly. In fact, we argue that when we rely on deeply flawed systems to govern important aspects of students’ education, we model precisely the type of irresponsible behaviour that we want future engineers to understand and avoid. Our existing physical and digital infrastructures demonstrate the […]

  • Uncertainty Communication

    > We are a research lab working at the intersection of information visualization and uncertainty communication. Our mission is to combat misinterpretations and overconfidence in data by developing visual representations and human-in-the-loop tools that express uncertainty and align with how people think. Topics we like include sampling-oriented uncertainty visualizations, eliciting and modeling beliefs about data, […]