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  • Tip of My Tongue

    > Tip of My TongueFind that word that you’ve been thinking about all day but just can’t seem to remember [source](

  • Social Media and Mental Health

    > Our analysis couples data on student mental health around the years of Facebook’s expansion with a generalized difference-in-differences empirical strategy. We find that the roll-out of Facebook at a college increased symptoms of poor mental health, especially depression, and led to increased utilization of mental healthcare services. We also find that, according to the […]

  • Entangled Pedagogy and People

    > People tend to think that investing in good quality tech is what makes the hyflex type of thing work, whereas I feel with Virtually Connecting we realized that investing in people online and virtual who know how to use the tech well to provide human connection – those are the ones worth investing in, […]

  • Hormones

    > Through a strange and cruel biological quirk my body craves but cannot produce the molecule that saves my life. [source](

  • News and the Internet

    > I get that navigating online bullshit is hard. I wish none of these words I wrote were necessary. I wish journalism wasn’t fully intertwined with commercial advertising platforms that connect millions of people with each other at once. I wish we didn’t outsource our political and cultural conversations to these commercial advertising platforms. I […]

  • Drakengard Original Soundtrack

    > It would be difficult to explain the music of Drag-on Dragoon in a single paragraph. I want you to imagine the following: on a morning without school or work, a carefully selected egg has been lying on the table since the previous night at room temperature. You lightly pluck the egg off of the […]

  • Quality assessment demands resources

    > Another major step was earmarking CARES Act funding to hire “graders” who could help faculty in high-enrollment courses grade and provide feedback on redesigned authentic assessments, which take longer to grade than traditional exams. The additional assistance of the graders provided more bandwidth to instructors, who normally do not have access to teaching assistants/graduate […]

  • The Fading of Interaction

    > Good old times… Remember Instagram where you could post an image?Remember Google that allowed you to type your search request? We had Twitter! You could unfollow people! Yes! Yes, in 2020 there were browsers that had a location bar and you could type in an address of a site!!What? Address bar? Website? You could […]

  • Rituals

    > The other way I have learned to think about these small acts is that they are rituals. Motifs. Reminders. The rituals locate us in time and space, especially for those moments in which we are together there. (For a synchronous Zoom meeting, we are certainly together in time and space even if we are […]

  • Conspiracy as Brand

    > It seems to me that everyone has at least a few people in their online circles who are approaching issues around these events and conspiracies related to them as a brand-building process. In that case, can we really say the motivation is as simple as “confirmation bias”? Or would we be better off thinking […]