Textbook Assumptions

> We are pestered by the bookstore to decide on a textbook before registration (which means a lot of faculty pick a textbook just in case).
> We force our students to spend millions of dollars on textbooks but are unable pay for instructional design help and release time for faculty who want to write materials.
> Course fees — a popular way of supporting open materials initiatives — take an act of Congress to get approved, but any faculty member can assign a $300 textbook with no oversight whatsoever.
> Faculty who contribute to open textbooks get very little in terms of tenure consideration.
> We have committees in some departments that are literally named “textbook selection committees” which sort of telegraphs a result, right?
> We have accessibility policies that are written in ways that don’t help those needing accommodation but do actively scare faculty away from open resources. [source](https://hapgood.us/2016/09/14/institutionalized/)

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