The Garden and the Stream

Social media as we have experienced it is often about building an agenda, generally not about building understanding. The overwhelming stream affords surface understanding, whereas cultivating a personal (but public) knowledge space can help us take a more measured, deeper approach to understanding.


Connecting dots and building understanding of an issue either takes a lot of prior expert knowledge, or the time and space to grow ideas, and tools and environments that make it easier to develop those connections.

> Note how different this sort of meaning making is from what we generally see on today’s web. The excitement here is in building complexity, not reducing it. More importantly note how meaning changes here. We probably know what the tweet would have “meant”, and what a blog post would have “meant”, but meaning here is something different. Instead of building an argument about the issue this attempts to build a model of the issue that can generate new understandings. [source](


Wikity is a WordPress plugin that can help (this site is running on it). The Wikity guide is linked here [site](

This garden cultivation takes time and focus, and an environment that supports that; see [[The Deep Discussion Strategy]].

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